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The Criminal Division represents the the citizens of the State of Ohio and Portage County in prosecuting criminal cases in our County's three Municipal Courts, two Common Pleas Courts and the Juvenile Court. The Portage County Prosecutor is responsible for over 30,000 criminal and traffic cases filed each year in these Courts. This Division also renders legal advice and assistance to our County's seventeen different Police Departments. This Division is staffed by ten attorneys, five investigators, and a law clerk along with their support staff.

Common Pleas Courts

Division Chief: Thomas Buchanan
Grand Jury: Eric Finnegan
Stephen Michniak
Connie Lewandowski
Kimberly Kaplan-Quinn
Sean Scahill

Responsible for presenting cases to the Grand Jury, preparing felony cases for trial, interviewing witnesses, continuing ongoing investigation, and prosecuting felony cases in our Portage County's two Common Pleas courts.

Common Pleas Court Investigators
Gordon Fisher
Jerry Hargett
Martin Gilliland

Special Victims Unit

Stephen Michniak
Eric Finnegan

This Unit is responsible for ongoing investigations and prosecution of all sexually based offenses, crimes perpetrated against children, crimes perpetrated against the developmentally disabled, and crimes targeting the elderly. The Special Victims Unit also assists the Portage County Sheriff's Office in the tracking and prosecution of registered sex offenders. Cases are heard in Common Pleas, Municipal and Juvenile Courts.

Teena McKamey

Domestic Violence Division

Kristina Reilly

The Domestic Violence Prosecutor is responsible for all aspects of the prosecution of Domestic Violence and Protection Order violations - from advising investigating officers through trial and sentencing. Funded by a Federal VAWA [Violence Against Women Act] grant, the Domestic Violence prosecutor is responsible for approximately 800 cases per year in the Municipal and Common Pleas Courts.

Municipal Courts

Jared Smiley
Raymond Srp
Charles Roman

Responsible for preparing and trying misdemeanor and traffic cases in our county's three municipal courts, and advising police officers in ongoing investigations.

Michael Wisniewski

Juvenile Court

Brandon Wheeler

This Department represents the County in all Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Traffic complaints. The Prosecutor appears before one Judge and two Magistrates in the county's juvenile court. Police Departments rely heavily on the Prosecutor for advice on sensitive issues that are not present in adult cases.

Felony Non-Support of Children

This Department assists the county's Child Support Enforcement Agency in locating and preparing cases for prosecution of "deadbeat" parents who have large child support delinquencies which fit the criteria of the Ohio Revised Code for felony prosecution.

Tim Moon
Jim Acklin

Office Administrator

Lori Artz

Administrative Assistant to the Prosecutor; TAC Officer for L.E.A.D.S.; Recording Secretary for Budget Commission; Grants Administrator for VAWA, VOCA, SVAA, VOCA Expansion, Portage/Trumbull Drug Grant; Payroll, Bills, Requisitions, Statutory Reporting Requirements, Inventory, Personnel, Checking Accounts, Budgetary Matters, Coordinate CLE Compliance.

Support Staff

Shellie Gargas - Grand Jury Coordinator
Bonnie Richards - Administrative Assistant
Krista Keller Groves - Administrative Assistant
Monica Hilliard - Receptionist

The The Portage County Prosecutor's Office
241 South Chestnut Street
Ravenna, Ohio 44266

Phone Numbers:
Office: (330) 297-3850
Victim/Witness: 1-800-201-3857
FAX Lines:
Criminal Division: (330) 297-3856
Civil Division: (330) 297-4594

E-mail: prosecutor@portageco.com

Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday